The Others

Paroles & musique Flo Bauer, Arrangements Haute-Fréquence

Paroles :

Do we have to dress like the others
To be accepted?
Must we have the same ways as the others
Not to be judged?

Must we distinguish ourselves from the others,
To get noticed?
Must we love other things than the others,
To be special?

Yes I know you want to hit them,
All the ones who look at you strangely,
All the ones who look down when you pass,
don't get angry, they are not worth the trouble.

But you know I like tell them : go die ! go die ! ...

yes you know I want to hit them
all the ones who look at me strangely
all the ones who look down when I pass
I wouldn’t change for you, go die

Paroles: Flo Bauer.
Tous droits réservés.  

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